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“Sometimes a good outcome is very clear – getting a restraining order against an abusive spouse, or getting spousal support against a spouse who’s hiding income. Other times, a good outcome is far more nuanced. Without fail, all of our best outcomes, our big wins, come about because only one side did the work. And a big, big part of that is deeply understanding the people involved and what makes them tick.”

Amy Laughlin

How might Family Law Attorneys in Santa Clara County Best Serve its Population?

Santa Clara County is home to 1,870,000+ residents spread out over 1,291 square miles. Let’s look at a number of ways in which that population might one day need family law attorneys in Santa Clara County.

The 53% of residents who are married might need family lawyers in Santa Clara County

They might, in fact, need them before they’re even married. Not all family lawyers in Santa Clara County are the same. Some, like Laughlin Legal, are particularly skilled at helping engaged couples have the sometimes difficult conversations that will prepare them for a more transparent life together. This is the value of a prenuptial agreement, a legal document signed by the couple before they are married that establishes expectations regarding the rights to property, income, inheritance, children, and debts. Caitlin Ashton, Partner at Laughlin Legal, believes that anyone getting married should “speak with a family law attorney to understand the state rules and discuss what could happen, worst case, if you were to divorce or separate.”

Newly married couples may want to speak with a family law attorney with a sub-specialty in estate planning about developing a plan to protect their joint life together including the drafting of a will, power of attorney, advance directive, etc. Lucas Pastuszka, estate planning attorney at Laughlin Legal, is of the opinion that “An estate plan is a gift you give to your family that creates a smooth transition after your death.”

Married residents may also need to speak with a family law attorney if they want to establish paternity, adopt a child, or appoint a guardian for a child. In the state of California, if it’s in the child’s best interest, it’s possible with the help of family law attorneys in Santa Clara County, specifically, a child custody lawyeradoption lawyer, or guardianship lawyer, like Kristen Van Antwerp at Laughlin Legal. Kristen believes, “There are so many kids who want and need love and support. Getting them into a family where that can happen can make all the difference in that child’s life.”

How might a family law firm in Santa Clara County help unmarried residents?

Chris Norris of Laughlin Legal, a family law firm in Santa Clara County, is one of the few who also handles real estate transactions for anyone, married or unmarried, who’d like to either purchase or sell a home. But first, he’ll want to make sure it’s in your best financial interest. ‘Real estate is not just about buying a dreamy Victorian row house; it also has to make financial sense so you can sleep comfortably at night.”
In California, where 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced domestic violence, just a third will report their experience. Many simply don’t know that a domestic violence lawyer can assist them in regaining control of their lives. An experienced family law attorney in Santa Clara County that specializes in domestic violence cases can provide the support you need. Andrea Davis of Laughlin Legal is a fierce advocate for domestic violence victims and believes that “everybody has the right to be protected from the insidious effects of emotional and physical abuse.”

How might older residents need family law attorneys in Santa Clara County?

Laughlin Legal’s elder law attorneys help elder clients and their families understand all of their options, and make the best, most-informed decisions to keep them safe and well-cared for as they age.

Can Santa Clara County family law attorneys help with marriages that are ending as well as those that are beginning?

Indeed. Deciding to divorce is a deeply personal and consequential decision that will impact the rest of your life, your partner’s life, and the lives of your children. Even a so-called simple divorce is complex in that property division, spousal support, child support, child custody all have to be negotiated and agreed to. Best to choose a legal partner who you feel comfortable with, who shares your values, and is as skilled at listening as they are at advising. According to Amy Laughlin, Founder and Partner at Laughlin Legal, “Divorce is a family trauma. And I have a passion for putting my history and knowledge to work by securing a much better tomorrow for people who need us.”
Toriana Holmes, a family law attorney and certified mediation and collaborative law attorney is convinced that, “Whenever feasible, divorcing couples should consider private mediation or collaborative divorce.” Mediation and Collaborative Law are not only a faster means of achieving a resolution, they’re less expensive as well as less combative and adversarial. And they offer far more flexibility and decision-making power to the couple.

Do you need a family law firm in Santa Clara County?

If you or someone you love is encountering any of these life changes, learn more about how an experienced Santa Clara County family lawyer can represent you and your values. Call us now at 650.343.3486 to schedule your first consultation with us. If you’d prefer, you can email us to set up your appointment. If we miss your call, we will respond promptly and call you back as soon as possible.

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