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“As half of a gay couple, married in California, I feel lucky that we were able to legally get married. It has only been since 2013 that that has been an option. So I’m proud to identify myself as an LGBTQ+ lawyer. These days, in California, marriage and divorce between gay couples is legally treated the same as marriage and divorce between heterosexual couples.”

Caitlin Ashton

Leading by example.
We’re as proud to have an LGBTQ+ lawyer partner in our firm as we are to practice law in a state that has been a leader in passing legal protections for the LGBTQ+ community. And we’re pleased that in addition to having the largest LGBTQ+ population in the country, California was recently found to be one of the best states in the nation to start an LGBTQ+ family.

But though we’ve arrived at a time where the law is the same regardless of orientation, the application of the law may still vary for some time to come. We’ll stay vigilant. It’s important to all of us at Laughlin Legal to express that this firm will serve anyone and everyone with enthusiasm, respect and integrity.

LGBTQ+? That’s us.
We do our part to keep the marriages and families of the LGBTQ+ community legally healthy however we can. Below is a small sample of the agreements we draft for our clients.


A marital agreement may be signed before or after the couple is legally married. It typically covers expectations regarding the rights to both partners’ property, businesses, income, inheritance, children, and debts. It can also address issues that are specific to same-sex couples. And couples have the option to revise their rights during their lifetime and even after their death.

Similar to marital agreements, these agreements are as appropriate for all cohabitating partners. These agreements often lay out financial expectations to expose debts and protect assets should the relationship end. Who’s name is on the lease or mortgage? Who is occupying the greater part of the home and how is that reflected in their financial contribution? The answers to these sorts of questions and many more are answered and attested to.

An agreement between divorcing or separating parties that establishes the division of assets and liabilities. Arriving at a signed agreement is considerably faster if a marital agreement was signed providing a template for division.

Case Story

An LGBTQ+ Same-Sex Family Law Client In Their Own Words

“I wanted a prenuptial agreement and they had great reviews and were really quick to reach out. I’ve worked with a few attorneys for my business, and they’re one of the attorneys I’m actually super impressed with.

When I search for an attorney, compassion is important. Listening is also really important to me. When I told them my partner and I are same-sex, there was no hesitation from them. That was the other biggest piece. In this day and age, things like that still happen and you have to prepare for the worst. They said we can definitely work with this timeline and find something great for both you and your partner. I also wanted something local, not too far a drive, in case I need to meet with them in person.

I worked with Caitlin. She’s excellent. And also her legal assistant who I was also working with, amazing also. Caitlin supported us. She said, ‘A prenup will save you more money in the long run if you guys get a divorce.’ Having these conversations is really really important. It’s really difficult to talk about money. Our family member going through divorce, she’s racking up fees and that’s why it’s important to have these conversations now.

I felt important. They were able to understand our situation and guide us, step by step. For someone who’s never gone through it, it was really helpful. And they work with different levels of financial status, people who have money vs people like myself who are still working, and they’re able to understand how to communicate with all of them. They also wanted to consider my partner, how he would feel. My biggest fear was having my partner say no. Their understanding toward both of us, building this agreement, it’s a two way street. It’s protection for both parties.

The firm surpassed my expectations. It’s been an excellent process from start to finish and then some. It’s always good to build that relationship with an attorney to see how else they can assist with life challenges. An example would be we were looking for just the prenuptial agreements, but we’re now creating our trust fund, too. Everyone has been great including our trust attorney, Lucas. Their receptionist is exceptional, that warm welcoming person at the front. She really enjoys her work!”


Why LGBTQ+ Same-Sex Family Law?

As Laughlin Legal Partner and LGBTQ+ lawyer, Caitlin Ashton, has observed, “As half of a gay couple, married in California, I feel lucky that we were able to legally get


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