San Mateo Divorce Mediation

Regardless of the reason for your divorce, there is no doubt conflict between you and your spouse. Amid the emotional turmoil, you probably want the process to be over and done as quickly as possible. Faster resolution time is a big draw of mediation, but it is not the only benefit.

Even couples locked in a contentious situation may be able to complete their divorce through mediation. Our lawyers explore this possibility with clients before deciding what course of action would be best.

Mediation Lets You Take Control

Mediation is not just about a quicker process. Mediation gives you far more flexibility and decision-making power. As long as a judge approves the terms you and your divorcing spouse lay out, your agreement can be custom-tailored to your family.

You may be thinking: This sounds nice in theory but we would never agree on anything. This concern is understandable but the mediator’s job is to help both sides find a mutually beneficial compromise for these issues, as well as to guide the discussion back to the matter at hand if it becomes heated.

Let’s Work Together For The Results You Want

Our attorneys at Laughlin Legal, PC, are skilled mediators who have helped many California couples sort through divorce issues without the need for a court battle. We want our clients to walk away satisfied with their results and with a peace of mind about their situation. Post-divorce life is a big adjustment but we want you to start on the right foot.

You can ask about our mediation services or schedule an appointment with us at 650-389-9133 or by emailing us.

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