International Family Law

Our attorneys have worked with clients around the world on complex international family law matters including divorce, child custody, relocating to or outside the United States with children, negotiating prenuptial or post-marital agreements where one or both spouses live abroad, property division, and business issues when one spouse lives outside the United States or in multiple locations.

Following are some of the most common international family law issues we have addressed:

International Divorce
Amy Laughlin represents clients in divorce matters where one spouse is living abroad and the other spouse and/or children live in California. In these cases, financial complexities and custody considerations are particularly complicated. We successfully resolve these matters through local and sometimes foreign courts and many times through negotiations between the parties and counsel.

International Prenuptial Agreements
International clients who intend to marry and want the protection of a prenuptial agreement should always consider the international ramifications. The world is getting smaller and globalizing. International borders matter far less than even ten years ago. Divorce laws are sometimes inequitable and vary widely throughout the world. Our office has extensive experience in negotiating and preparing such agreements when one or both of the parties intend to live outside the United States after marriage.

International Child Custody Cases
As a result of technological advances in communication and wide accessibility to international travel, there are more international marriages than ever before. When these parties have children, and their marriages end in divorce, complicated international issues abound and often result in contentious custody disputes. Some of the most difficult cases involve one parent’s decision to remove a child from his or her home country or retain the child in a foreign country without the other parent’s consent. In such cases, the parent who has been left behind may invoke the protections of a local court or the Hague Convention to assert their rights. Our office has extensive experience in resolving these complex custody matters.


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