Helping You Through The Tough Decisions

Divorce is one of the toughest decisions any couple can face. We have seen the frustration and distress that many people feel when going through the divorce process. Luckily, we will be with you every step of the way.

Laughlin Legal, PC, provides mediation and litigation services for every aspect of divorce, including:

We can also discuss important decisions to make such as whether you should keep your home or if a more amicable approach may benefit you.

How Divorce Affects Your Assets

In California, all assets are divided based on what is separate property and what is marital property. Your financial situation, such as your income and ability to sustain yourself after the divorce, will affect how the marital property is split. It may be a fairly even split, or one spouse may receive more due to income differences.

Our attorneys can help you understand what to expect and secure the share of property you deserve. We will also help with other issues you may encounter such as discovering your spouse is hiding assets from you or deciding if you should sell your family home.

Choose A Lawyer You Can Trust

The lawyer you choose can make all the difference in a divorce. You want a lawyer who is attentive to your concerns and mental state while also having the legal knowledge and experience to help you.

We strive to make all of our clients feel comfortable and at ease about their case. To meet with us, you can fill out our online contact form or call 650-389-9133 to schedule a time.

We work with families throughout the Foster City and San Mateo area, as well as the Lower California Peninsula and San Francisco.

We speak Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish.