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Think About It: Is It Really So Strange To Have A Transactional Real Estate Lawyer At A Family Law Firm? We find it

You’re in luck because you’re in California, a community property state. And that makes the division of assets simple in that everything acquired

Amy Laughlin, a divorce and child custody lawyer in San Mateo, knows better than most what’s at stake for the children of divorcing parents.

Grandparents can play a critical role in their grandchildren’s lives, developing deep bonds with them from a very young age. When a family

Divorce can be a complex and emotionally charged experience, and financial considerations can become a significant source of stress before and after a

California Family Code Section 2104 requires all divorcing couples to disclose to one another under penalty of perjury all of their income, assets,

Domestic violence affects not only your life but your children, as well, regardless of whether they were directly subject to the violence. It is

As Laughlin Legal Partner and LGBTQ+ lawyer, Caitlin Ashton, has observed, “As half of a gay couple, married in California, I feel lucky

If you’re planning to divorce a narcissist and you think this article is not about you because your spouse has never physically assaulted

Domestic divorce is complicated enough. But international divorce, especially for couples with substantial assets, is uniquely complicated.  For starters, you have to determine

This post is going to start and end with the same sentence because I want to make sure everyone gets the message: No

We find it kind of curious that most family law firms do not have an in-house real estate person. Think about it. Real