San Mateo Child Custody Lawyers

Like most states, California’s considerations for child custody are based solely on the best interests of the child. The two most important aspects of a custody case are the child’s well-being and ability to maintain contact with both parents. Contact with both parents is considered important to a child’s mental and emotional health.

This means both parents are equally considered for custody. Losing all rights to interact with your children would be highly unlikely. Almost any case is going to end with joint custody or primary custody for one parent and visitation rights for the other.

Men May Need To Establish Paternity

While judges are not allowed to show bias against fathers, you need to be legally recognized as the child’s father to be considered for custody in the first place. Men who were married to the mother at the time of the child’s birth are automatically registered as the father. If you were not married at the time, however, you will need to establish paternity. Without doing so, you cannot secure custody rights.

A skilled lawyer can help you through the process of proving your relation to the child and becoming legally recognized as the father.

It’s All About You And Your Children

At Laughlin Legal, PC, we know custody is one of the most important and concerning aspects of any divorce. Our attorneys help parents achieve the custody or visitation rights they deserve. We also provide a number of other custody-related services such as establishing paternity or seeking permission for relocation if a parent wants to move with the children after a divorce.

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