What Our Clients Say

“I had the opportunity of being a client of Amy’s in regards to a pending lawsuit against me. From the moment I walked into her office (which by the way is professional, inviting, and beautiful), I felt that I was in great hands. Amy listened intently about my pending case and offered some suggestions on how best to move forward. She responded to the complaint against me with a thorough argument in my defense. She was quick, concise, and on point. If you are ever in need of legal counsel, I would highly recommend the law firm of Laughlin Legal. I can assure you that you will be in great hands.”
– Steve Scher, Chief Executive Officer, Acrobat Advisors

“In my humble opinion, I don’t think there is a better firm out there. Amy is an attorney who will fight tooth and nail for justice and the best possible outcome. It has put my heart, mind, and soul at ease having Amy and the team by my side. I truly don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t hired this firm. There have been several amazing people at Laughlin Legal who I have worked with, including Amy, Yau, Julie, and Kevin. Yau and Julie have been instrumental in my case and are highly efficient. They all understand my situation from start to finish. Amy does not tolerate nonsense from anyone, and cuts to the heart of the matter. My trial was difficult, but I was very comfortable knowing that Amy was on my side and would stand up for the truth. She is a great advocate and I am indebted to her for her hard work and dedication on my case. I speak from the heart when I say that working with Laughlin Legal has really benefited me, my future, and my children’s future.”
– C. Azar, Portfolio Manager

“I’ve been a client of Laughlin Legal and am impressed with the guidance and responsiveness of Amy and the team. They are wonderful to work with which greatly eases the anxiety of dealing with certain family law matters. The legal team at Laughlin helped me strategize on what was appropriate for my personal situation and then we set about executing to that strategy.”
– Roger Smith, Founder, Silicon Valley Bank

“Amy has provided representation in the area of family law for several clients of mine. She is always available no matter what time of day to respond to her clients needs and does so professionally, intelligently and always in the best interests of her client. She is organized, prepared and is able to address the issues that are thrown her way in a timely and if needed, creative way. I highly recommend Amy for family law representation.”
– April Glatt, Esq., Chauvel & Glatt, LLP

“The team at Laughlin Legal were phenomenal. Amy anticipated my needs and quickly found solutions to problems that arose. They answered all of my concerns regarding my Marital Settlement Agreement and effectively defended my position. Everyone at the firm returns calls and emails promptly, and the fast communication made it very easy to strategize. Amy fought hard for me and my interests. I really appreciated how professional, patient, and dedicated they were — I know having an attorney for a client is not easy!!”
– Phaidra Garcia, Attorney / Partner

“Amy has all of the qualities that you hope for in a family lawyer but rarely get all in one package. She is highly experienced, intelligent, compassionate, ethical, hardworking, and she will not rest until she has fully advocated and fought for you. Even as my case became more complex and stressful, Amy continued to shine and drove the best possible outcome. I am eternally grateful!”
– Jenilee Deal, Netflix, Dir. Human Resources

“I can highly recommend Amy and her team. Amy had the right mixture of aggressiveness and a sense of when to agree to a compromise that allowed the case to be resolved with the help of a mediator, out of court.”
– Matthias Hausner, Google, Engineer

“I was referred to Amy via a common connection when my previous attorney was unavailable for additional work on my case. Amy came up to speed very quickly on the issues at hand and was very effective in dealing with opposing counsel. Her excellent representation resulted in the best possible outcome for my case. Amy is also part therapist; absolutely professional in all her dealings, with well-timed and sage advice, empathy and humor. I highly recommend Amy Laughlin.”
– Christina Dahlberg