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Good news: you can stop searching! San Francisco family law attorney Amy Laughlin, and the accomplished attorneys at Laughlin Legal Family Law Group practice a form of family law that’s all too rare: highly skilled mediators, negotiators, and litigators who also offer a timeless, hi-touch approach to personalized customer service. It’s a combination that allows them to regularly exceed their clients’ expectations. Due to years spent practicing securities litigation and representing the C-suite elite in Silicon Valley prior to starting her own firm, Amy is an authority regarding high finance, specifically investigating and analyzing sophisticated and complex financial assets. She has delivered extraordinary outcomes in some of the Bay Area’s most complex family law cases.

San Francisco family law attorneys who deliver an individualized solution for every client.

There are basically two kinds of family law attorneys in San Francisco: those that run a volume practice and those that treat every case as one of a kind. At Laughlin Legal, we take it one case at a time. The more complex the family law matter, the more essential it is that the legal approach is as unique as the case is. And unlike most family law firms, we offer a diverse menu of legal approaches in-house. Whichever approach suits each case best – whether litigation, mediation, or collaborative law – our own in-house team has expertise in that approach.

Just as families are complex, so, too, is family law. Fortunately, complexity suits us. We excel at great outcomes for particularly complex cases and are proud to offer our clients comprehensive and personalized legal representation and services for just about every family matter under the sun including:

At Laughlin Legal, we’ve got you covered not only during your divorce, but before and after, too.

San Francisco family law attorneys for whom innovation is customary.

When a high percentage of a law firm’s cases are complex and challenging, and they frequently find themselves at the forefront of family law with no case law to fall back on, innovation is essential. We’ve been there many, many times. For our family law attorneys in San Francisco, legal innovation is more often than not the norm.

Our cloud-based practice was an early adopter of CoCounsel AI and of private judging to resolve disputes faster. We also innovate to cut costs. We offer Ask Me Anything, a free 60-minute monthly Q&A session for clients on Zoom. We’ve also created do-it-yourself videos to assist clients in preparing their own financial disclosures, rather than paying the firm, and a short quiz to help clients determine if they should get a PreNup.

Still looking for an exceptional family law attorney in San Francisco? Let’s talk. Learn more about what a hi-touch, hi-tech, San Francisco family law attorney can do for you. Call us now at 650-389-9344 to schedule your first consultation with us. If you’d prefer, you can email us to set up your appointment. If we miss your call, we will respond promptly and call you back as soon as possible.

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