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Divorces come in all sizes. Some involve children, some involve boats and planes in addition to cars, some involve businesses, some involve complex forms of equity, some involve homes in multiple states or even countries. And some involve a combination of all of the above. Others are much simpler. But regardless of the size of the estate, the emotion involved in ending the marriage and the consequences of how the marriage ends are always big. This is why experience counts when choosing a Contra Costa County divorce lawyer.

What to look for in a Contra Costa Divorce Lawyer.

What does it mean to be an ‘experienced’ Contra Costa Country divorce lawyer? One definition is a deep knowledge of California’s unique laws on the subject, and an up to date awareness of the latest changes.

For some, experienced may mean capable and skilled at handling a divorce that occurs outside of Contra Costa County or even outside the United States.

Another is financial fluency, specifically experience investigating and analyzing sophisticated and complex financial assets – including business valuations, venture capital, allocation of equity interests, tax and property characterization, etc.

Another definition of experienced is possessing the skill and compassion to safely and successfully navigate a divorce involving domestic violence whether it’s directed at a spouse, at the children, or both.

Still another brand of experience is equally accomplished at alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation and collaborative law, as well as traditional divorce representation.

At Laughlin Legal, we check all those boxes and then some. But perhaps the definition of ‘experienced’ we’re most proud of is the one that comes from our clients. Here’s a short list of compliments our clients have shared with us:

“just could not be more competent and capable”

“really really good in court no matter the pressure”

“attorneys I’m actually super impressed with”

“they saved my kids from their abusive father”

“they have this balance of really high integrity and really high advocacy and really great outcomes”

“negotiated nothing short of a miracle”

“totally surpassed my expectations”

What should you expect to pay a Contra Costa County divorce lawyer?

To a large degree, you get what you pay for. And bear in mind that there are no do-overs in divorce. It pays to get it right. Those qualities described above that are most desirable when looking for a Contra Costa County divorce lawyer, i.e. experience and skill and expertise, are qualities that are acquired over time. While you can expect to pay more for for attorneys with those qualities, those are the same attorneys who can ultimately save clients more money.

But there’s another factor here that can profoundly impact what your divorce costs you: integrity. Integrity is expressed a number of ways. For instance, does your attorney discourage you from trying mediation or collaborative law first? Try to rush you into court? Advise you not to settle regardless of how good the offer is from the other side? Find ways to run up the fees? Trash talk opposing counsel in order to make a case for continuing to fight?

Insist that the other side is ‘hiding something’ when your gut tells you they’re wrong? If you’ve experienced one or more of the above, your attorney might be unethical.

What should you do if you picked the wrong Contra Costa County divorce lawyer?

If you have determined that your divorce lawyer is not a good fit with you ethically or otherwise, you can absolutely change lawyers. The legal process of divorce is too consequential to work with someone you don’t trust. At Laughlin Legal, a respected Contra Costa County divorce law firm, a fairly high percentage of our divorce cases originate at another firm.

If you don’t feel ethically in sync with your current counsel, learn more about how an experienced Contra Costa County divorce lawyer can represent you and your values. Call us now at 650-389-9344 to schedule your first consultation with us. If you’d prefer, you can email us to set up your appointment. If we miss your call, we will respond promptly and call you back as soon as possible.

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