Child & Spousal Support Lawyer

Though your assets are divided between you and your ex-spouse during a divorce, you should never suffer from significant financial loss afterwards. Both parents are responsible for providing adequate care to their children. In many cases, child support is necessary.

California has a formula for calculating the child support a parent is entitled to receive. It considers:

  • Each parent’s income levels
  • Number of children
  • Time each parent spends with the child
  • Special needs of the child

Child support agreements rarely deviate from California’s formula but a family law attorney is still important for helping you successfully seek an order for child support. We can also hold your ex-spouse responsible for inadequate or missing payments.

When Is Spousal Support Necessary?

Spousal support is awarded when one spouse will be at a significant financial disadvantage after a divorce, usually when one spouse has a significantly lower income than the other. The length of time for which support payments must be made will vary. It is common for support to be awarded until the receiving spouse completes the proper education or training to get a self-sustaining job.

Don’t Worry About The Future Of Your Finances

The lawyers at Laughlin Legal, PC, work on both sides of child support and spousal support cases, seeking support for clients or protecting the rights of clients whose ex-spouses are seeking support. You do not have to worry about your future because we are at your side for the entire process with your best interests at heart.

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