Why LGBTQ+ Same-Sex Family Law?

by | Apr 28, 2024 | Firm News

As Laughlin Legal Partner and LGBTQ+ lawyer, Caitlin Ashton, has observed, “As half of a gay couple, married in California, I feel lucky that we were able to legally get married. It has only been since 2013 that that has been an option. So I’m proud to identify myself as an LGBTQ+ lawyer. These days, in California, marriage and divorce between gay couples is legally treated the same as marriage and divorce between heterosexual couples.”

So why do we still need to distinguish LGBTQ+ Same-Sex Family Law?

Populations that are discriminated against have the most to teach us about legal safeguards at any given point in time. And not all things are equal for the LGBTQ+ same-sex population.

Though all states are required to treat same-sex legal matters fairly as of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling, there’s a difference between fairness and advocacy. At Laughlin Legal, we fall into the second camp. We not only do our part to ensure that the family laws of California are fairly applied to all of our clients, we go a step further by actively supporting diversity at the County level. We feel strongly about participating in California’s leadership in the areas of anti-discrimination laws and statutes, legal protections, and positive laws intended to support LGBTQ+ families.

In what ways are California’s LGBTQ+ same-sex families in need of advocacy?

According to a 2019 study, “LGBT Poverty in the United States”*, LGBTQ+ adults are 40% more likely to live in poverty than heterosexual adults. By extension, more children of LGBTQ+ parents also live in poverty than those with heterosexual parents. It’s speculated that employment discrimination as well as disparities in wealth and resources contribute to those figures. In short, though the laws may have changed, discrimination still exists.

Our LGBTQ+ same-sex family law firm can help by practicing a distinctly nondiscriminatory brand of family law for LGBTQ+ individuals who need an advocate in all areas of family law – marriage, premarital agreements, adoption, guardianship, divorce, mediation, collaborative law, child custody, spousal support, child support, domestic violence, elder law, conservatorship, estate planning, trust and estate administration, probate, etc. The attitude of advocacy that we bring to each of those practice areas defines our firm.

The contributions the LGBTQ+ population makes to our larger culture are often overlooked, for instance, they provide homes and families for children who really need one. Same-sex couples are seven times more likely to look after adopted or foster children than heterosexual couples.

And there’s evidence that the children they raise do better in school than children of opposite-sex parents (Mazrekaj et al., 2020), and they’re more psychologically well-adjusted, tolerant of diversity, and nurturing as well (Zhang et al., 2023).

Here’s what we find worth advocating for: more families with loving, intentional parents and thriving children who are tolerant and nurturing. We’re more than proud to say those are our people!

Do you need an LGBTQ+ same-sex family lawyer?

If you or someone you love doesn’t have an LGBTQ+ same-sex family law attorney they trust who represents their values, we hope you’ll reach out. Call us now at 650.343.3486 to schedule your first consultation with us. If you’d prefer, you can email us to set up your appointment. If we miss your call, we will respond promptly and call you back as soon as possible.

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