Looking for divorce mediation services in San Mateo? You’re in luck.

You’re in luck because you’re in California, a community property state. And that makes the division of assets simple in that everything acquired during the marriage, both assets and debts, are split 50/50. Sometimes there’s nothing to fight over and the same is often true with the children. The presumption in California is that parents […]

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take in California?

There is no definitive time frame for how long it takes for divorce mediation in California. Divorce is a challenging chapter in anyone’s life, and the delay and escalating costs of litigation can add to the myriad of emotional and logistical stressors. In California, where divorce rates are significant, couples can pursue mediation—a process aimed at resolving […]

Bifurcated Divorce in California: Ending Your Marriage Faster

Divorce can be a long and arduous process, especially in California. The standard process involves waiting periods, negotiations over property and child custody, and potentially lengthy court proceedings. But what if there was a way to expedite the process, allowing you to move on with your life sooner rather than later? A bifurcated divorce is […]

How to Get Divorced in California

Grounds for Divorce in California You don’t need a legally justifiable reason to get divorced in California. You don’t even need the agreement of your soon-to-be-ex (“STBX”). California’s Family Law Act of 1969 made this state the first to allow no-fault divorce. This means anyone can get a California divorce without proof of fault. Every state […]

Is Legal Separation in California Right for You?

You’re trying to save your marriage but concerned about your spouse’s behavior and how it could jeopardize your shared assets. Perhaps your spouse has mental health struggles and engages in irrational spending. Or maybe your spouse is secretive about community account information, refuses to share account access with you, and you’re seriously worried about your […]

Dealing with a family business during divorce

When a married couple decides to divorce, the division of assets, including a family business, becomes pivotal. Valuation, ownership and communication are key factors in navigating this complex process. Ultimately, seeking professional assistance and prioritizing the best interests of the business can help ensure a smoother transition for all parties. Valuation of the business Determining […]