How a prominent San Francisco divorce lawyer came to be a prominent San Francisco divorce lawyer

There’s a well known axiom in creative writing: write what you know. In other words, use your own personal experience to inform your work. And though it’s seldom associated with or referenced within a legal context, the same could be said for choosing to become a divorce attorney. Top rated San Francisco divorce attorney, Amy Laughlin, is a case in point.

Amy often reminds her clients that “Divorce is a family trauma.” It’s a statement straight from personal experience. Family trauma is what she knows. “My life could not have prepared me better for this work.” As a 7-year old whose pregnant mother left an abusive relationship, with Amy and her three siblings also in tow, she learned firsthand that divorce results can be egregiously unfair. Divorce lawyers in San Francisco today would be stunned by the miscarriage of justice that occurred in her parents’ divorce. It was a long time ago, and yet that doesn’t fully excuse an ultimate result where a mother is left with no means to provide for herself and her 5 children, with no child or spousal support, and without a share of the couple’s assets including a home, furniture, and personal belongings.

A compassionate Divorce Attorney in San Francisco in the making.

The divorce settlement meant Amy’s mother had to raise her family on her own on very, very little money. Fortunately for Amy and her siblings, their mother was strong and undeterred. With no choice, she found an abandoned house and they lived there, without plumbing or electricity, because the divorce had provided her and her children no financial protection. So when Amy decided to attend law school, the memory of those years was galvanizing. She became determined to become not just any divorce attorney in San Francisco, but the best San Francisco divorce lawyer she could be.

How do Divorce Lawyers in San Francisco define ‘the best’?

Some divorce attorneys think regularly returning clients’ calls makes them the best. Another divorce attorney in San Francisco might think having a fabulous office or sending a basket of fruit to clients over the holidays signifies they’re the best.

But for Amy, being the best means getting her hands dirty. Combing through reams of contracts and documents to get at the truth of what is marital and what is not. Never backing down when her client’s well being is at stake. And answering the phone at 4am when a client is in distress because “a family emergency can be every bit as urgent as a medical emergency.” Amy would know. Amy does know.

A San Francisco Divorce Attorney who does what she knows.

What she probably couldn’t have predicted when she set out to be the best is that she’d have people who consider her family scattered across the globe. People whose children are returned to them. People who find, at last, that it’s their turn to pursue their degree after putting a former spouse and all their children through college. People who can finally exhale knowing that their 90-year old mother is in a safe and caring home environment.

Helping people through very difficult times is, for Amy, doing what she knows. And loving what she does.

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