Should you sell your home before or after you divorce?

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Divorce

You and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse agree to sell your marital home in California, but you do not know whether to sell it before you divorce or after. What factors should you consider?

American Home Agents explores selling your marital real estate property from both sides. Know which time frame may serve you and your future most favorably.

Selling before divorce

Do you and your current spouse get along well? If so, you may have an easier time selling your home before finalizing your divorce. Depending on the local housing market and the amount of equity in your property, you could use the money from the sale to financially support the next chapter of your life. Perhaps you want to move to a different state or neighborhood, or maybe you want to pay off expenses incurred during your marriage or the divorce. Bear in mind the possibility that it may take longer than you think to sell your property, though.

Selling after divorce

If you experience heated emotions during your marital split, that may complicate selling your home. Consider waiting until after finalizing the divorce before turning your attention to putting your property on the market. That way, you give yourself time to cool off and space to manifest peace in your new life without your partner. That said, you must also consider that waiting to sell may mean paying more in taxes for capital gains once you find a buyer.

No matter if you sell your marital home before or after divorce, think about which option benefits you and your life the most. Careful planning helps set you up for success post-divorce.