A Real Estate Lawyer At A Family Law Firm?

Think About It: Is It Really So Strange To Have A Transactional Real Estate Lawyer At A Family Law Firm? We find it kind of curious that most family law firms do not have an in-house real estate person. Think about it. Real estate is the major investment for many of our clients in the […]

Looking for divorce mediation services in San Mateo? You’re in luck.

You’re in luck because you’re in California, a community property state. And that makes the division of assets simple in that everything acquired during the marriage, both assets and debts, are split 50/50. Sometimes there’s nothing to fight over and the same is often true with the children. The presumption in California is that parents […]

Understanding Grandparent Visitation Rights

Grandparents can play a critical role in their grandchildren’s lives, developing deep bonds with them from a very young age. When a family restructures due to death, divorce, or remarriage, a grandparent may worry about how it will impact their relationship with their grandchildren. Understanding grandparents’ rights to maintain relationships with their grandchildren is vital […]

How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody Orders in California?

Domestic violence affects not only your life but your children, as well, regardless of whether they were directly subject to the violence. It is essential to understand how your custody case will be determined by the Court if there’s a finding of domestic violence. How Does California Define Domestic Violence? California Family Code 3044 describes what […]

Why LGBTQ+ Same-Sex Family Law?

As Laughlin Legal Partner and LGBTQ+ lawyer, Caitlin Ashton, has observed, “As half of a gay couple, married in California, I feel lucky that we were able to legally get married. It has only been since 2013 that that has been an option. So I’m proud to identify myself as an LGBTQ+ lawyer. These days, […]

How Do You Divorce A Narcissist And Win? By Choosing A Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you’re planning to divorce a narcissist and you think this article is not about you because your spouse has never physically assaulted you, think again. One of the definitive traits of narcissistic personality disorder is manipulative and controlling behavior. And in California, verbally abusing or belittling your partner, controlling what your partner does, who […]