How should you tell your children about your divorce?

by | Mar 6, 2021 | Divorce

Having a conversation about divorce is never easy, and discussing the matter with your children may seem even more stressful.

In order to reduce the shock they may feel, you should talk about the matter clearly and respectfully.

Reassure them

According to Psychology Today, some parents fail to reassure their children about how much they love them after a divorce. Your children may wonder if they were the cause of this split, and may withdraw or appear uneasy at the news.

By taking time to calm their worries about this topic, you can help them feel less anxious and hesitant about the changes occurring. Playing together or spending quality time afterwards can also help them feel more secure.

Allow them to ask questions

Your children may react in a variety of ways to this news, including bombarding you with many questions about what will happen next. Let them talk openly, and give them time to come to terms with their emotions. Their questions may range from curiosity about who lives where to anger about the fact their parents are no longer under one roof. Listen respectfully, and comfort them whenever possible about the changes occurring.

Keep the conversation age-appropriate

Although you may want to be as thorough as possible while discussing what led up to this point, make sure to not burden them with more details than what is appropriate. Younger children may not fully understand what is happening, while older children can typically handle a more complete explanation.

Do not get into any details about struggling to cooperate with your ex-spouse. Divorce is a tricky subject, but staying respectful while discussing the topic with your children can help them transition into this new living pattern.