Knowing when it’s time to find a new lawyer

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Divorce

It’s difficult to determine how an attorney is going to perform at the beginning of a divorce case. Each divorce has its unique challenges that may pose novel scenarios for a family attorney. Even an attorney with a stellar reputation can find that a divorce case presents unforeseen issues and complications that they may not have a suitable strategy for addressing.

The complications of a high-asset divorce

For the complications that can arise during a high asset divorce, you may find that your current attorney just isn’t bringing across the outcomes you’d like to see. You went into the divorce with reasonable expectations, communicating your desired results to your attorney. Here are some of the questions you can ask if you’re not receiving the spousal support and custody arrangements you need:

  1. Did your attorney pay enough attention to your case and work your case correctly in the family court?
  2. If some of your expectations were unrealistic, did your attorney communicate that to you?
  3. Can you afford to hire a new attorney who will file modifications to your case?
  4. Were you overcharged for work that was not completed?
  5. Did you understand the various issues related to privacy and public disclosures in your divorce case?

Delineating spousal support

Many people find it hard to maintain their prior standard of living after a divorce. In California, a judge is going to weigh the financial potential of each spouse plus such factors as:

  • What job skills and experience does each spouse have? Spousal support, in this case, may have to factor in the money necessary for a spouse to receive the education, training, and loss of income during that time it takes to pursue other work.
  • How long has a dependent spouse been out of work, and will that limit their ability to find a position that can supplement their loss in income? For high asset divorces, the damage to one spouse’s finances can be catastrophic, especially if the working spouse works at an executive level or with high earning potential.
  • How long was the marriage, and which spouse is the custodial parent? If you raised your children so your spouse could seek out job opportunities, this is no fault against your character. Your career sacrifices should be appropriately counted.

Finding the right attorney

If you feel you need counsel that is going to work for your needs, contact an attorney experienced in family law and divorce case modifications.