Assessing how much alimony you will receive during a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2023 | Support

The unknowns of divorce might have you scrambling for financial support to make ends meet. You may wonder if long-term alimony will happen and what kind of payment you can expect in the meantime.

Courts determine how much alimony payments are after assessing multiple variables. Your understanding of the calculation of these payments may help you prepare for the next steps of your split.

The length of your marriage

The length of time your marriage lasts is one factor the court will consider. According to the California Courts, as soon as you file for divorce, you can request temporary spousal support. At the time of your settlement, the court will determine whether there will be a long-term alimony agreement. If your role in the marriage was to manage household or family-rearing duties and the relationship lasted several years, the likelihood of you receiving long-term support increases.

The earning capacity of each person

Another aspect courts will consider is the earning capacity of each person. They will look at your educational background and whether you have an established work history. They will assess the likelihood of you getting a job. Other variables they might consider include the standard of living during the marriage and who was the primary breadwinner.

Despite your confidence about getting alimony, start taking proactive steps to fortify your finances now. Act as though you will not receive alimony and adopt a conservative lifestyle while you rebuild. Save money where you can. If you receive alimony payments it can help you reach your financial goals faster. Your independence will enable you to move beyond your divorce and prevent its repercussions from impacting your life in detrimental ways.