What are the benefits of mediation?

by | Nov 29, 2022 | Divorce

If you are like most couples, you do not want to draw out your divorce. Whether you and your spouse have a contentious relationship or something more cordial, mediation can help you move through the process quickly.

Mediation allows you to settle your disputes, divide your property and come to a resolution with the help of a third party.

Custom agreements for couples

You and your former spouse can lay out the terms of your divorce and come to a decision that will ultimately benefit both of you. Most people feel more satisfied when they have a say in the decision rather than waiting for a judge to rule and decide for them. Keep in mind that as you lay out the terms of your divorce, you will require approval from a judge. The terms, however, can still be custom-fit for your family.

More control over the results

Mediation is a flexible process without the same formalities as the court process. You have more control over the process’s outcome than when you hand the decision to a judge. In mediation, you and your spouse have to agree. If you cannot agree on the terms of the divorce, then you cannot move forward. The thought of agreeing with your ex may be difficult at first, but that is why you have a mediator between you. The mediator works with both sides and guides the discussion productively to limit arguing.

When couples go through mediation, they tend to have less ill will toward one another following the proceedings.