Rich couples may actually argue less over assets

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Divorce

Popular myth states that the more assets a couple has, the more vicious their divorce will surely be. Of course, there is surely some truth to that, or else it would not have become so well-known.

However, it may not be as accurate as some people think. In fact, wealthy people may even fight less than others.

Wealthy couples and amicable divorce

According to Business Insider, wealthy couples over a certain level of net worth actually fight less and have more amiable divorces.

This is a rather large margin of wealth: over $5 million in shared net worth, generally speaking. However, once a couple reaches this level of wealth, they tend to feel very financially secure and stable. Even the threat of a divorce will not shake their calm.

At this level of wealth, many couples divorce amiably without worrying much about assets, even if the process of dividing them is often more complex. If they do end up fighting during the split, it is often because of less tangible things such as social standing.

Upper-middle class and disputes

However, couples with a net worth of around $1 to $5 million tend to fight quite a bit. Speculation states that this is because they do not share the same financial security despite their large sums of money. One bad divorce could potentially end their style of life, and they are aware of this and thus fight harder.

Of course, even couples with fewer assets will fight over them. It all boils down to how financially secure a couple feels in the end.