How does social media hurt your divorce case?

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Divorce

It is normal to take to social media during various important moments in your life. This includes weddings, childbirth, graduations, and negative moments like divorce. Most people use social media to reach out to their support system. However, during a divorce, you may want to avoid jumping on Facebook to tell all of your friends and family about your relationship.

Psychology Today considers social media to be a negative influence on a divorce.

Social media encourages fighting

When you talk about your relationship online or about your ex in a negative light, you may encourage fighting. You have to worry about mutual friends who may choose to take sides, but you also have to worry about your partner seeing what you post and either choosing to fight or attempting to use your posts against you. If you want to post, try to only post about positive aspects of your life.

Social media can weaken your case

Be careful about what you post on social media. You may want to change your privacy settings to high levels and ask friends and family to refrain from tagging you. Your former spouse can use social media against you. For example, if you go on vacation with your family, he or she may use the pictures to claim you do not deserve support.

Spending too much time on social media during a divorce can lead to negative thought patterns. Remember that people generally only post happy moments of their life and to see those images constantly can make you feel depressed about your stressors.