Will mediation work for your divorce?

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Mediation

It is no secret that many divorces are contentious and can leave both parties feeling as though they lost more than they gained. However, in some cases, divorcing couples may be able to utilize mediation services to end their marriage through a faster, less combative process.

In California, couples can decide to keep their divorce out of the courtroom. In order to do so, a neutral third party, a mediator, is necessary to ensure that both spouses have some control over their wants and needs. How do you know if divorce mediation is right for your situation?

The decision to divorce is mutual

If you and your spouse both agree that it is time to end your marriage, mediation is more likely to benefit both of you. It is not as easy to get both parties to agree on anything when one or the other does not want to divorce at all.

Neither spouse is hiding assets

Dividing marital property can become extremely complicated when a spouse is hiding assets. Litigation may be necessary to discover any property that needs division between both spouses.

Both parents agree on custody arrangements

Since it is often one of the most contentious parts of divorce, child custody arrangements that are already agreed upon work well for mediation. Even should concerns come up, a mediator may be able to help both spouses figure out what is best for their children.

If you are planning to divorce and want to avoid spending all of your time and money in the courtroom, mediation may be a better direction for your family.