Parenting challenges during unprecedented times

Parents may feel as though they have more to worry about than ever before. The challenges that parents face can seem especially problematic when they have to parent separately.

When parents work together, they can be more attentive to what children are going through. A lot of it is very different from what parents went through when they were children.

Children and stress

There has been a dramatic increase in stress in young children and adolescents. Part of the reason for this spike in stress levels may be attributable to demanding schedules. The rigors of school and the pressure to succeed can feel overwhelming. Likewise, even extracurricular activities which should be a source of fun can be another source of stress.

Parents should be conscientious about overscheduling and anxiety. Assuring that children have enough time to do things at a comfortable pace and decompress will help them to feel confident and organized instead of anxious.

Information overload

Children have to absorb a tremendous volume of information in the course of a given day. There is a nearly continuous bombardment of information from various media. A lot of it may be hard for them to process.

Parents can help by reviewing some of what their children take in. Inviting children to have an open dialog about things that are confusing them can offer some much-needed reassurance.

Ultimately, mothers and fathers who share child custody need to coparent effectively to promote their children’s best interests during unprecedented times. Recognizing and responding to a new era of challenges enables parents to give their children vital support.