Is a joint custody arrangement right for you?

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Child Custody

When California parents divorce, they must make a lot of hard decisions. The first of these decisions is what sort of custody arrangement you wish to have. While sole custody used to be the go-to option, joint custody is the new norm. Though it is not suitable for every situation, it works for many people. 

The American Psychological Association says joint custody benefits many people. According to studies, this is often the most desirable option for the children. Joint custody offers them the most financial and emotional stability. They have two sources of income supporting them. Even if one parent moves away, they will still be able to see that parent on a regular basis. This allows them to continue building a parent-child relationship. You can share the burdens of discipline and the joy of parental bonds this way. 

Joint custody also lessens some of the stress that parents face after a divorce. If they can cooperate well, they can work through tough situations together. There are twice as many hands if an emergency happens and someone needs help. One parent can step in and take charge if the other becomes incapable of handling a situation. 

As you can infer, joint custody requires a certain level of cooperation to work well. This means it does not work for every family. There are some situations in which a couple cannot get along well enough to avoid arguments. They cannot compromise or work together. One parent may not be physically present, such as if they are in the military. There may be a history of abuse. In any of these cases, sole custody may be the way to go.