Divorcing during an adoption

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Adoption

Adoptions are well-known for taking a long time to finalize. A lot can happen in that time while you wait to adopt a child. Whether you are going through a domestic adoption or an international one, the potential years it takes to become approved and then paired with a child can vary drastically. For international adoptions, this process can last between 1 and 7 years.

When life intervenes

During those years, as you hope to build your family, a lot can happen. For couples that get divorced during this period, the adoption process can become even more complicated. If you want to continue with your adoption despite your new family arrangement, you must consider the intricacies of each adoption scenario:

  • Consensual transfers: During a transfer between the natural parents and adoptive family, a divorce can influence the natural parents to cease the adoption proceedings.
  • Foster-child adoptions: The natural parents of foster children have often already lost their rights to parent the child, but a judge may rule that the child needs more stability than is being offered.
  • International adoptions: Despite what a California court rules, some countries will not allow children to move into single-parent households or households where the parents are separated.

Doing what’s best for your family

The adoption process is a stressful one, which can create an added strain on a marriage. Whether you have other children before the divorce, or this child will be your first, pursuing a divorce during the adoption process can create many unforeseen complications. The desire to start a family is no reason to stay in a marriage. A skilled divorce lawyer can help you to navigate those issues as they come up.