National Adoption Day

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2019 | Adoption

November 23, 2019 is National Adoption Day, and the month of November is designated as National Adoption Month. On Saturday the 23rd, courthouses around the country will open for a special one-day adoption finalization event.

Older youth, in particular, are less likely to be adopted. The November 2019 National Adoption Month is focused on the importance of stable family connections for older foster care children. As we head into the season of thankfulness, it is important to remember that there are approximately 60,000 children in foster care in California, and over 100,000 kids waiting to be adopted throughout the United States. We are grateful to those adoption and foster care professionals who do their utmost to ensure that each child has the opportunity to grow up in the home that best fits their situation. Caring parents and professionals make significant impacts on the lives and happiness of these children.

As a potential adoptive parent, the legal process can seem overwhelming and time consuming. You may not know whether to pursue private domestic adoption, foster care adoption, or international adoption. You may feel there is an unending flood of paperwork and governmental hoops to jump through. Experienced adoption attorney, like Amy Laughlin at Laughlin Legal, P.C., can streamline this process for you. Capable lawyers manage the adoption process so you can focus on the important aspects of incorporating your adopted child into the family, like forming fresh holiday traditions and starting the New Year off right.

To read the President’s Proclamation on the 2019 National Adoption Month, please click here: