Making a success of co-parenting

The divorce process can be especially difficult for California parents who have kids together. Despite wanting to get on with life, they may face challenges related to co-parenting. There are a few ways that co-parents can make their lives and their children’s lives much easier.

One helpful thing to do is to keep the kids out of the middle of the divorce. Unfortunately, some parents put their children in the middle of it unintentionally. After custody and visitation have been established through a formal agreement, co-parents should avoid having their children communicate for them. It’s also important that kids feel comfortable sharing the experiences they have in both households.

When custody is divided between co-parents, it is possible for the children to believe that their parents will get back together. Parents should avoid giving their children false hope. This usually backfires and causes the children to distrust them and others.

It is helpful to establish the same standards in each household. The rules may not be precisely the same, but the kids should know what is expected of them. If children know that they need to be respectful, kind and patient no matter which house they are in, this will give them more consistency in their lives. It will also prevent the frustration that comes from having dozens of different rules in each household.

A family law attorney may be able to assist a co-parent who needs advice on custody, visitation and other family issues. If necessary, an attorney could represent the client in court, arguing for their fitness as a parent or settling disagreements.